Introducing Bakery Bunny: A Promising Defi Platform On Binance Smart Chain To Earn Via Yield Firming

Chinh Nhi
4 min readJun 22, 2021

Yield farming, also known as liquidity mining, is a method of generating income from bitcoin assets. Explained, it means preventing cryptocurrency from being mined and collecting incentives. With these characteristics, Bakery Bunny is the most acceptable alternative.

Compound interest is the primary problem in agriculture. Users must remember the interest rate schedule, run it manually, and include the costs to interest and farm again. BakeryBunny has an autocomponding solution, which saves you money on petrol and the trouble of manual compounding. Bakery Bunny is a novel and rapidly growing DeFi yield aggregator that is utilized in BakerySwap. The BakeryBunny protocol enables crypto farmers to maximize yield composition approaches on BSC by using their yield-oriented leanings. Bakery Bunny provides strategies for the diverse demands of cryptocurrency farmers, ranging from high-return searchers to risk-reward-optimizing savvy investors.

BakeBunny Token

Bakery Bunny’s native governance token is the BakeBunny Token. BakeBunny owners/investors run Bakery Bunny’s ecosystem and gain a large portion of farm performance fee revenues. Holding/staking BakeBunny tokens helps to keep the BakeBunny Ecosystem running correctly.

Governance Token Of Bakery Bunny

A governance token is a token designed by a developer to allow token holders to vote on the future of a system. They can have an impact on new features or the system’s governance. Despite being a young method, yield farming can attract more users to DeFi protocols and improve user adoption. It has yet to become an efficient market, which means there are several potentials for high returns compared to traditional finance. It is a sophisticated approach, so though I have provided an introduction here, you will need to look at more extensive guidelines before diving into the realm of yield farming.

Crowd Funding Of Bakery Bunny

The total number of BakeBunny Crowdfunding Tokens available for sale is 6,400,000. It should be noted that any unsold tokens will be burnt once the crowdfunding campaign has concluded. Once the Crowdfunding sales have completed, BakeBunny Liquidity will be added and locked. The soft cap is 330 BNB, while the hard cap is 2,130 BNB.

Token Arrival: Instantly BakeBunny Crowdfunding Is Now Live (You will receive BakeBunny instantly once your payment confirmed on the blockchain)

Bakery Bunny Fee Structure

Performance fee

When you opt to Claim gains from a pool, a 30% performance fee is taken to compensate BakeBunny shareholders. In exchange, all pools get BakeBunny tokens. Every BNB in fees collected earns you 20 BakeBunny.

Fee for Withdrawal

Bakery Bunny has set a withdrawal charge of 0.4 percent from Bakery Bunny’s Farms for withdrawals that occur within 48 hours of deposit. Bakery Bunny designed this charge to keep the ecosystem running well and prevent exploitation from bad faith persons. For example, if there was no 0.4 percent withdrawal charge within 48 hours, someone might keep depositing immediately before compounding and withdrawing soon after, reaping the same benefits and being a long-term holder.

Yield aggregator initiatives are some of the most intriguing DeFi initiatives right now because they take the best of DeFi (new profit potential) and simplify and automate the underlying procedures. That is why it is realistic to predict that yield aggregator initiatives will only gain clout from now on: they provide a service that many people demand. Join Bakery Bunny today if you also want to enjoy the features of a great yield aggregator.


BakeBunny assists you in obtaining your benefit in developing, eliminating the need to examine the timetable for construction and saving the gas expenses associated with manual construction. BakeBunny’s goal is to enhance the DeFi atmosphere, clearly on the Binance Smart Chain, while equipping clients with a few methods to increase profits while reducing risk for all of their financial backers. They wish to foster a phase that raises yields for everyone, whether they have a small or large investment.


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