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Chinh Nhi
4 min readJun 22, 2021

It is no more news that cryptocurrencys has become the worlds biggest means of investment, which is why about 80% of individuals around the world today are now investing their capitals into cryptocurrencys with the aim of high APY (annual percentage yield). Businesses, organizations and some individuals has shifted there investment from reall easte and financial institutions (banks), they are all migration to crypto investment. The era of blockchain technology has kept some group of professionals working around the clock in other to develop some blockchain platforms (Like bakery bunny) which is making things more easy for individuals around the world to invest in cryptocurrency at the comfort of their home, just with their cell phone or on their computer. Blockchain technology has brought financial institutions into the blockchain network through Defi projects, it has brought art work(artist)/ artificial intelligenceand through NFT projects and is also bringing reall easte into the blockchain network. In the past years, individuals will visit financial institutions for some documentations before they can make investment. But today, blockchain networks that are based on Defi projects has made investment procedure so easy for investors. As an investor, you don’t need to visit any financial firm in other to make an investment (you can now do everything on your cell phone). Artists now have the previled to monetize their work in their own terms, investors are now previlaged to monitor their investment from the comfort of their home. Even on the Bakery Bunny platform which is a new but thriving platform, individuals investment are automatically compounded and their yields are reinvest on behalf of them through the bakery bunny farm.

On yearly bases, many new blockchain platforms are being developed but perhaps alot has also faild due to unprofessional team work, insecuruty on their network, difficulty to operate on their system and inability to out stand competetors.
The era of blockchain technology has really revolutionized the world, making things more easy and less streefull for investors,businessess and individuals all around the world today. Some group of professionals has created a new and thriving platform called bakery bunny.


Bakery Bunny (BakeBunny Finance) is a new and quickly thriving DeFi yield aggregator that is Utilized for BakerySwap. The BakeryBunny protocol empowers crypto Farmers to leverage their yield-seeking inclinations so as to optimize yield Compounding technique on BSC(Binance Scan chain). This platform gives a better techniques for the several needs of crypto farmers from the highest yield seekers to the risk reward optimizing smart investors.

Bakery bunny finance is one of the thriving defi project with a user friendly ecosystem developed for crypto farmers to be able to earn higher return on their investment (huge APY). Unlike other platform that does not give crypto farmers risk warning, Bakery bunny gives the best technique to high yield seeker (customers) in other for them to obtain a great investment.


The goal of Bakery Bunny is to improve The DeFi ecosystem, specifically on the binance smart chain, while providing users with several techniques to maximize returns and Minimize risk for all investors.

This platform (bakebunny) aim to develop a platform that automatically compounds yields for all individuals, either small or big stake.


This platform automatically compound and reinvest yields on behalf of individuals through its smart contract (reduce stress for customers).
BakeBunny LP Farms takes different risk tolerances for BakeBunny users. An increased APY usually implies more volatility in the underlying token price. For instance, BUSD-BNB has a much lower compounded APY than BAKE-BNB, since BUSD is a stable coin which is pegged to the dollar and does not experience volatility.

Token sale is live, follow the link below and purchase some bakebunny @

BakeBunny is a native governance token for this platform, holders/investors govern the ecosystem and receive the high Percentage of farm performance fee profits. When holding/staking BakeBunny token ensures the BakeBunny Ecosystem runs smoothly.


Bakerybunny is a Defi system built on blockchain Smart contracts. This ensures the safety and sustainability of the platform. The platform has unprecedented product features which will assist in optimization of its user’s wealth and attracting more investors to the community and the entire cryptosystem. This will ensure the growth, liquidity and sustainability of the platform.


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